Levi’s Project 048 Socks

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Do you know when you see something and just have to have it? Well, that. Winter saw the launch of the Levi’s basic range featuring t-shirts, socks and underwear. To coincide with this, they released a number of specially packaged products including the Levi’s Project 048 socks. Officially named as Mr. Strauss’ Rediscovered Long Socks, the socks come packaged in a mason jar complete with  a sock maintenance manual and some extra thread incase, like me, you always seem to have a hole in one of your socks. The vintage-inspired socks were originally designed and created in the 1950s using a Bentley Comet circular knitting machine and have been brought right back to 2015. You can watch the remaking of the 048 socks here.


The Mr. Strauss’ Rediscovered Long Socks are one in a new range to celebrate the launch of the Levi’s basic range. Other specially packaged products are the 200 series boxer briefs, which are packaged in a matchbox complete with working match strike, the 300 series briefs which come in a resealable bag and the 400 series trunks which come in a box made of authentic wood paneling.

The  look and feel of the whole range really projects the true values of the Levi’s brand and it’s workwear heritage. Pretty cool right?

Did you pick up any of the items in this range?  What are your thoughts?



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