Rains x Sam Mctrusty for Wonderland Magazine


“Living in Glasgow it’s a blessing to have a waterproof jacket that actually carries style and fits with the rest of my wardrobe.”

I think all of us who like in the UK can agree with that quote, right?

Danish brand Rains took the traditional rain jacket and gave it a modern makeover. The jackets are waterproof, lightweight,  and have a matte surface which, as an owner of a Rains Jacket, looks great, keeps me dry and is completely practical. Much of what you would expect from a nation which has 121 rainy days a year.

For Sam Mctrusty, frontman of the Scottish band Twin Atlantic, a Rains jacket has become part of his daily wardrobe, becoming his ‘choice of jacket on stage’. The collaboration between the band and Rains was therefore a somewhat natural progression. In a photoshoot and interview for Wonderland Magazine, the frontman discusses how the collaboration came about, his essentials he can’t live without and what we can expect from the bands forthcoming Spring tour.

Sam-Wonderland-RAINS-303-819x1024 Sam-Wonderland-RAINS-334-682x1024

You can view the full Wonderland Magazine interview and photoshoot here and can watch Twin Atlantic’s video for ‘Oceans’ below featuring Sam Mctrusty in his Navy Rains Jacket.

Shop Rains here.


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