SS15 | Eastpak

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 16.44.34

Eastpak are back for Spring with the Neothentic Collection and I am completely sold (I needed a new bag anyway). Inspired by the nylon tents that were around at the the beginning of the 90s, Eastpak pays homage to that decade with the Neothentic Collection. Perfect for the summer months, all the bags in the collection are made out of nylon fabric and have been released in the iconic nineties red, black and green colour variations which are pure nostalgia and on trend.

The black Neothentic Killington Bag £70 is my choice pack combining that vintage-style nylon fabric with a big outdoorsy style backpack. The bag is available in black and red and is multi-pocketed (is that a word?) so you have plenty of space for all your belongings, including a pouch for your laptop. The bags are almost something you would expect to see at an American Apparel but it’s not surprising with the outdoorsy trend that started to emerge towards the end of last year.

Overall, a refreshing and fun collection, definitely a summer must-have.

What are your thoughts on these vintage-style bags?

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