SS15 | Brixton

000SP15-Life-M-Top-Woven-SS-Arthur-01001 037SP15-Life-M-Top-Jacket-Cass-01033 021SP15-Life-M-Cap-Vincent-02021 019SP15-Life-M-Cap-Madison-01019 016SP15-Life-M-Bottom-Short-Reserve-5Pocket-01016 004SP15-Life-M-Hat-Bucket-Banks-01004

I’m really liking the latest drop from Brixton, especially this shirt. The Cadet Woven Shirt is just one item from the new Spring 2015 Collection from the California-based brand. The lookbook, features a strong selection of shirts, shorts and chinos in a variety of earthy, natural tones and tasteful patterns. The collection showcases a clean, Californian street/surf style. It’s not surprising as the brand was formed by a couple of friends who take their inspiration from music, culture and people in their surroundings. The brand further conveys their love of music by using OC band, The Rooms, to showcase the new range in the short video showcasing the collection.

What are your favourite items?


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