Stutterheim | Stockholm Raincoat



Swedish Melancholy at it’s Driest

So just when we thought Summer had finally started to begin, the good old British weather likes to bring us back to reality. With that in mind, what better way to embrace the wet weather then to purchase a new raincoat to warn off those April showers.

Swedish brand Stutterheim was founded by Alexander Stutterheim, who upon rediscovering his grandfathers old raincoat set out to update it into a modern, contemporary version; a raincoat which was wearable and would look good no matter the occasion, whether it be in the countryside, at sea or just when strolling around the city.

The Stockholm Raincoat quotes Stutterheim’s grandfather’s original raincoat. Using the finest craftsmanship, materials and details, each coat is handmade and features snap closures, drawstrings and  a double-welded seam to protect you from the harshest of conditions. Available in 11 different colours, it’s no surprise that black is the most popular choice for a brand which embraces melancholy and indeed the rain.

If you don’t think a Stutterheim raincoat is for you, just remember they offer ‘Anxiety free returns’.

You can read more about the Stutterheim story here and can purchase a Stockholm Raincoat directly through the website here.


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