Hand Luggage: What to Pack?

Firstly, I hate packing. I would happily pay someone to do it for me to avoid the stress of remembering everything and then trying to get it to fit the case (any offers?). With hand luggage, you need to make sure everything you may need during the time between destinations is at hand. Therefore I try to keep things as simple as I can and only pack what I need without leaving myself unprepared. Heres a quick list of things I always carry with me.



  • Passport & Travel Documents because you’re going to need those! Print out everything you may need before hand, check-in online and just generally be prepared.
  • Ear Plugs & Eye Mask. If you intend on sleeping these always come in handy to block out all the in-flight noise. You could also pack an inflatable neck pillow and small blanket just incase the airline doesn’t provide you with anything.
  • Water Bottle (empty). Its important to keep hydrated during travel. Either fill a bottle after the security checks or purchase one in departures. If you’re flight includes complimentary drinks – take advantage!
  • Change – You never know when it’s going to come in handy. – baggage carts, transport, tips etc. If you are travelling to a destination with a different currency, keep a mixture on you.
  • Travel Friendly Toiletries. In line with airline regulations you can only take a single, transparent, 20cm x 20cm bag containing up to 100ml of your favourite toiletries so keep that in mind as to avoid throwing everything away at security. Keeping the essentials with you means you can freshen up before landing.
  • Clothes. Make sure whatever you are wearing is comfortable for your journey. It can also be quite cool on the flight so make sure you have a sweater with you. Its also a good idea to pack a change of clothes just incase you are delayed for a period of time.
  • Entertainment. Depending on the length of the flight it’s always good to have something to pass the time with so be sure to pack a magazine or book, along with those playlists you have been creating for the past couple of week!

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What do you make sure is always in your hand luggage? 


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