Topman Selvedge Denim


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We’ve used long-lasting, heavyweight denim that can be worn every day – in fact, the jeans will look better with every wear, as they take on a unique, personalised fit.

Following trend, Topman LTD have recently collaborated with specialist Japanese denim mill ‘Kurabo’ on a 3 piece 12oz premium selvedge denim collection. The denim collection comprises of two pairs of slim-fitting jeans; one in a raw indigo finish and the other in a more washed finish, and a raw denim jacket.

Japanese Selvedge denim has become increasingly popular lately as consumers look towards better crafted garments and premium materials. Selvedge denim is named after the method in which the jeans have been produced and comes from the word ‘self-edge’  which refers to the clean finished edges of the fabric, easily identifiable by looking inside the denim at the seams. Selvedge denim is long-lasting and durable and is designed to look better with age, many wearers choose not to wash their denim for at least 6 months after which they have taken on the custom fit and personality of their owner.

Photographed on location at Alexandra Road Estate, Swiss Cottage, the Topman LTD Selvedge collection complements its urban surrounding depicting the true ‘made to last’ value of Selvedge denim. A behind the scenes video of the shoot can be viewed below:

Not renowned for the quality of their clothes, it will be interesting to see how these Topman jeans compare to other readily available brands on the market. Priced at £75 for the jeans and £85 for the jacket, they won’t break the bank and are excellent value for a pair of Japanese Selvedge jeans.

Would you buy Selvedge denim at Topman?


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