LPU | June

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(Photo credit: gloryfades.co)

It’s been a while since I last did a post featuring any new products I have recently picked up or have been using so here’s a quick update.

I know, another Aēsop haul, but, it was much needed. Starting with Shine, this product is a lightweight hair oil designed to hydrate dry, frizzy hair. This product is perfect for me as my hair is quite thick and course so it just gives that extra bit of nourishment, post shampoo. The screw on lid comes complete with a pipette so it’s easy to control the amount of product you use, and with only 2 to 3 drops recommend per use, this product should last a long time. Although it is marketed as a hair oil there is nothing stopping you rubbing some through your beard to give it that extra shine. My second pick up was the Fine Fabric Care solution in collaboration with A.P.C. I ended up buying this from the Prince Street store in New York after a disaster with a bottle of coke during my visit to the Statue of Liberty! I wouldn’t really hand wash anything usually (as it’s too much effort), however I’m planning to decant some of this into a travel-sized container for future trips incase I ever need it again! Lastly, I have recently swapped my Amazing Face Cleanser for the Fabulous Face Cleanser as its designed for more sensitive skin and I prefer the scent for the summer.

I have started using Marvis Whitening Mint toothpaste in place of my usual Colgate. I was first introduced to Marvis a few years ago when I received a sample of the Strong Mint variety and was immediately attracted to the vintage-style design. At the end of the day, toothpaste is toothpaste, and aslong as it contains fluoride and keeps my teeth clean and fresh, I’m happy, so this is a bit of a unnecessary purchase. However Mankind offer a value triple pack which will keep your teeth sparkling for a few months. At the same time as purchasing the toothpaste I also picked up this handy Marvis toothbrush with bristle cover which I plan to take to Copenhagen with me mid-July, as I only have hand-luggage so will be leaving my electric one at safely at home.

The P.F Candle Co Teakwood & Tabacco soy candle was also a New York purchase and looks great sat alongside the brown glass apothecary style bottles from Aēsop in my bathroom. (The scent is amazing too).

Aēsop Shine, Aēsop Fabulous Face Cleanser and Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste are available now at Mankind where you can earn ‘Man Points’ to spend against future purchases. Don’t forget to use my Referral Code: MK22832326.

Have you tried any new products you would recommend lately?


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