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“Whoever you are, wherever you come from and wherever you live, you can be what you aspire to be, whatever was your destiny”

Drôle de Monsieur is the brain child between two friends. The ‘Not from Paris Madame’ slogan jumper has already been making an appearance across the web and has caught the attention of big names such as GQ and Vogue.

The motto is a tongue in cheek nod to their background, which they believe to be their strengths when creating the brand. The pair are keen to emphasise that they are not designers, they are not based in the fashion world and that they don’t live in one of the ‘Big Four’; and that you, yourself could do it too.

The France-based brand have created a selection of premium everyday wear, including short-sleeve sweaters, shorts and the ‘Not from Paris Madame’ slogan crewneck sweaters, in mostly sand and black colour options. More recently the “Capsule Collection” was released with a limited pre-order featuring three basic crew neck t-shirts.

Drôle de Monsieur is a departure from the traditional and conventional framework of menswear to a more modern and minimal aesthetic. The result? A well rounded selection of clothes that are highly wearable, designed for the everyday man. With attention to design and detail present in every item it’s clear to see the duo have a clear vision for their brand.

Shop Drôle de Monsieur.


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