The September Issue. What to Wear

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We’re mid-way through September already so we are in that weird place where it’s not quite warm enough to dress for summer and not cool enough to wrap up just yet. With the news of a ‘heatwave’ on the horizon, it’s difficult to know how to dress! However, as our tans start to fade I think it’s safe to pack those shorts away for another year.

Keep it simple. There’s no point putting layers and layers on just yet. You won’t be comfortable. Try a lightweight sweater or knit. Wear it oversized. It will keep you warm during the cooler days with plenty of room for air to circulate if it warms up.

I’m wearing the Acne Studios College Face Sweater in a large. This sweater has just the right amount of weight too it. Whilst I would usually wear a medium I bought this in a large as like the look and feel of it being oversized. It sits perfectly on my jeans, exposing what i’m wearing underneath; in this case I’m wearing the E.T Tee in “clay” from the Supreme Fall / Winter 15 drop. I have finished off with a trusty pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, these ones are the vintage red ones so have a slight aged pink look to them and an off-white midsole, completing that laid-back winter-sun look.

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