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Whether you define your style as casual or smart, there are certain items which can infiltrate both looks. Whatever your style you will have noticed the presence of the cuffed jogger pant. Once a sportswear and loungewear staple, joggers have enjoyed a huge revival over the past couple of years, forming one of the key trends seen not only on the street but also on the runway too.

The arrival of the ‘Sports Luxe’ trend last year broke down the traditional boundaries which were once between sportswear and casual wear combining the comfort of sports with premium materials and new sillohettes.

In terms of joggers the use of premium materials and careful design has given the 90s favourite a new lease of life, boasting a new style of the classic; a slim fitting, cuffed ankle pant with a waistband that would look good whether worn with a shirt or a t-shirt, a pair of classic trainers or the latest Nike.

Furthermore, the skinny jogger has not only become acceptable for everyday wear, the trend is now becoming ever present in a more formal situation with the emergence of the skinny jogger suit, already widely available on the highstreet, turning what was once a very causal item of clothing into an acceptable smart alternative.

The demand from consumers for premium street wear has not only translated into the highstreet stores but to big names and premium brands all offering their take on luxury sports wear.

Here are a few that are worth checking out:


Publish Legacy Jogger


The Kooples Biker jogger with zip detail


Publish Buck Jogger


Fear of God Slim-Fit Drawstring Trousers


Public School Asymmetric Sweatpants

 Do you think the skinny jogger is here to stay?

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