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After the success of their debut releases, Drôle De Monsieur are back for Fall/Winter 15/16 with their second collection. Simply titled ‘Entre Bleu et Beige 1.1’ the collection features sweaters, outerwear and pants primarily in a blue and beige palette. Unlike their first collection which only comprised of a handful of items, the new collection is made up of a reasonable sixteen items.

Created by two friends, Drôle De Monsieur aims to ‘get outside the traditional and conventional framework in order to provide a modern vision of aesthetics’. Whilst the FW15/16 drop sees updates to the Three Quarter Sleeve and the infamous Not From Paris Madame sweater in new colour options, Drôle De Monsieur continue to push boundaries with their modern silhouettes in their new styles.

The FW 15/16 collection features three different jackets, three pairs of pants, overshirts and various sweaters to take you through the Winter. Arguably the statement piece of the collection is The Kimono Wool Coat which draws inspiration from the middle east with its cropped sleeves and wraparound tie fastening, with other notable pieces including the Cropped Cargo Pants and Tapered Wool Pants which sit nicely just above the shoe line.

Whilst Drôle De Monsieur may have explored new materials and shapes in their new collection, the results speak for themselves. A sharp, exciting collection from the fledgling brand.

The collection is available online now. Shop Drôle De Monsieur

What do you think of the second collection?

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