Skincare? Just the Tonic


For those who haven’t heard of Gentlemen’s Tonic before, the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men. Founded in Mayfair, the brand combines the old and new; a traditional barbershop experience for the modern man.

Having recently received a selection of Gentlemen’s Tonic products from the guys over at Mankind, I was more than happy to test some of their offerings.


In order to maintain healthy skin, it’s important to adapt your skin-care routine to the changing seasons. With winter in full swing it’s important to protect your skin from the elements. When it comes to cleansers, choosing the right one for your skin is a must, especially if you have dry skin, the last thing you want is dry skin in the winter.

The Daily Foaming Cleanser (150ml) £16* from Gentlemen’s Tonic is a gentle foaming cleanser, mild enough for everyday use and won’t end up drying out your skin. As I have quite dry skin I tend to skip the cleansing part during the colder months, however I have been using this for the past week and haven’t found it to be drying at all. The natural foaming solution contains no harmful chemicals and is effective at washing off the days dirt and grime whilst leaving it feeling fresh. At 150ml this is a great investment and should see you through the winter.


Another product ideal for protecting your skin is the Gentlemen’s Tonic Pre Shave Oil (50ml) £19*. Designed to be used before shaving, the oil helps to moisturise and protect the skin by softening the hair pre shave. Used beneath a shaving cream you are able to achieve a close and comfortable shave, all while staying moisturised. The jojoba and avocado oils prevent dryness and dehydration of the skin, while the anti-oxidating black sesame oil prevents razor burn and general irritation to the shave area.

While I don’t wet-shave, I have used this product on the neck area where I tidy up my stubble. I don’t usually get irritation to the area, however the Pre Shave Oil has left my skin feeling clean, moisturised and smooth, so no complaints there. Because the product contains babassu oil it leaves the skin feeling cool with no irritation, so I would definitely recommend this product to someone who suffers with shaving irritation or razor burn.


Finally, developed from their core fragrance of babassu and bergamot, Honos -Eau de Toilette (100ml) £69*, is the perfect option to finish off your routine. Combining scents of sandalwood, bergamot, frankincense and cinnamon, Honos is a masculine smelling fragrance, with that traditional barbershop vibe to it. Although I tend to wear a more fresh scent, this is a great alternative when I want to mix it up a bit. It’s not overpowering and lasts through out the day which is what you want in a fragrance.

Taking it’s name from the Roman term meaning ‘respectable’ and ‘dignified, Honos is the perfect fragrance for the modern gentleman.

The Gentlemen’s Tonic range is available now and at time of posting is currently on 3 for 2 at Mankind.

Have you tried any of the range before? What are your thoughts?

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 00.15.49

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(*) items sent for review.


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