Grown Alchemist | Amenity Kit


For someone who works outside, the winter months are a daily battle for my lips, hands and skin. Being constantly against the elements I’m always looking to try new products that are designed to keep the skin hydrated and clear. This is where this handy little Amenity Kit from Grown Alchemist comes in to play.

Australian-based Grown Alchemist are dedicated to producing skincare solutions comprising of organic botanical ingredients and natural technologies without any of the harmful chemicals. If you’re interested in reading more about the brand, you can do so here.

The Amenity Kit features three essentials to keep you going this winter; a hydra-repair day cream, a hand cream and a lip balm, all packaged in this  simple box with minimal branding.

I currently have this in the glove box my car so it’s always there when I need it and overall I have been quite impressed so far!

Although the tubes range from 12ml-20ml, this stuff goes along way. Starting with the day dream, the formula is fast drying, non-greasy and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Much like Aēsop this camellia and geranium fragranced cream has that real fresh organic scent to it and is a delight to use. Next up is the hand cream. The largest at 20ml, this vanilla and orange peel scented cream is just as impressive, soothing and softening the hands without the need to reapply repeatedly. Although I wouldn’t typically go for a orange scented product as I find it to be overpowering, this formula is perfectly balanced and the scents work well together.

Finally, my least favourite of the three, the watermelon and vanilla lip balm.  Although it does it’s job, I find the consistency of it really oily and find myself wiping it off not long after application due to the risk of it looking like a lip gloss! It might be trial and error but at the moment I have others I prefer.

Overall, I’m really impressed. The Amenity Kit is a great introduction to the Grown Alchemist brand. In fact I can see myself repurchasing the day cream.  The Amenity Kit is available now and for purchase here.

Have you tried any products from Grown Alchemist? What are your favourites?


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