Sweater Weather pt. 2


While this may be just another Latest Pick Ups style post, I feel like I haven’t actually bought that many clothes this year (shoes don’t count).

Compared to previous years I have cut down on spending on clothes a lot. I guess with age comes responsibility, and bills.. Anyway, rather than hitting the high street stores and trying to keep up with the latest trends I have focused on building a wardrobe of good quality, timeless pieces.

With a trip to Iceland within the next week, the search for warm clothes has been at the forefront of my recent purchases, and in particular, the need for sweaters.


Since I bought it in Copenhagen back in July I have practically lived in my Acne Studios College Face Sweater so was keen to buy another one in a different colour. I found this navy blue College Crew Sweat in the END clothing sale and couldn’t resist. Reduced from £129 to £85 in the sales, I think is a great deal considering how much wear it will be getting.


The other two sweaters come from Topman, one a washed-out khaki camouflage one and the other, a grey classic fit one which has a black fleck through it. I got both of these in a size up to my true size as I tend to wear my sweaters bigger for that oversized look.

I’m really happy with my latest purchases and teamed with a big winter coat i’m sure they will keep me warm during my trip!

What do you think of my purchases? Have you ever been to Iceland? 

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