Most Popular Post of 2015

My Annual Report from WordPress was really useful. Taking a look back on 2015 in terms of blogging was a great insight in to how much this blog has developed in just over a year. Although I don’t read in to the ‘stats’ too much, my most popular day to date was on December 7th and seeing the growth through the year has been a key motivator for me and keeps me focused.

After a rocky start where I didn’t really know what to do with this blog, I soon found my feet and knew how I wanted it to look and the content it would feature.

Interestingly, my most popular post in 2015 was actually one of the first entries which was posted at the end of 2014 about my Larsson & Jennings CM | Black watch.

2015 has been another great year for Larsson & Jennings. Chances are you probably own one or know somebody who does by now. For a company which was primarily based online, this year has seen a flagship store open on Monmouth Street in London’s Seven Dials district. Selling the brands core collection as well as in store exclusives, including the recently released Automatic Series, the flagship store allows customers a more hands on experience. Amongst the contemporary space you can customise your watch with different faces and strap combinations too, all whilst grabbing a coffee from the in store ‘Fika’ bar.

One of the brands key selling points is the pricing; a wallet-friendly luxury watch. Combining the minimal designs of Stockholm with the classic London aesthetic, it’s no wonder the brand has been such a hit.


One year on and for a watch I wear day in, day out and for all occasions, including work; my Black Chain Metal is still going strong and in fact looks as good as new!

Link me your most popular posts below in the comments so I can check them out!

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