How to get a Smooth Shave with King of Shaves


King of Shaves - for a better shaveIf you’re anything like me, you find shaving to be a chore. Not only does it mean getting up 10 minutes earlier, but your skin can be left feeling itchy, irritated and sore. However, King Of Shaves are here to let you know that with a little time and effort, your shaving routine should be an enjoyable experience with great results every time.

I have partnered with King of Shaves to share with you these five simple shaving tips to achieve a smoother, closer, more comfortable shave with less irritation.
1: Wash. Give your stubble a good wash and soak. Wet stubble is so much easier to cut, which means less tug and pull, less irritation and more comfort. Shaving in the shower is perfect and can save time too. Tip: Did you know you can use King Of Shaves Shave Gels as a pre-shave face wash or beard shampoo too?

2: Massage In. Work your shave gel, oil or serum thoroughly into your beard, to ensure even coverage and to lift the stubble away from the skin. If you suffer with irritation or shaving rash, use a product that is designed specifically for sensitive skin, such as the Advanced Shave Serem, for the extra bit of care – and pay particular attention to those areas whilst working the product into your beard. Creating a thin film-like barrier between your skin and the blade with your chosen products will help ensure a smooth shave with reduced irritation. 


3: Shave. Whatever your razor of choice, making sure it is clean and sharp are essential. Remember it’s not a race, take it slow and steady. By rinsing the razor frequently you will prevent it clogging and will ensure you get the most bristles in a single pass. For heavy stubble or several days’ growth focus on short strokes and thorough rinsing. Shaving with the grain, in the direction hair grows, will also reduce the tug and pull and lessen the chance of irritation. Tip: Use your finger tips to feel for any missed bristles before you finish and rinse.

4: Rinse. After you’ve dealt with those final few bristles, rinsing well with cooler water will help remove any leftover residue from your shave prep and remove any shaving debris  from your skin. It will also help close up the skin’s pores, leaving your skin naturally better protected.


5: Moisturise. In time, your skin will restore it’s natural moisture balance. However applying a post shave balm or  moisturiser straight after shaving will help trap in moisture and speed up the recovery process. The Ultimate Moisturiser is fast acting and will leave your skin feeling super hydrated!


What ever your shaving needs are, King of Shaves have your back. For more detailed shaving advice as well as FAQs and tips on the entire King of Shaves range, visit the FAQ page. 

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