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If you live in the UK, the chances are the Weather has been just as unpredictable where you are as it has been here these past couple of days. One minute, sun, the next, rain! Although we should be used to the ever-changing British Weather by now, it’s always hard to exactly know what to wear.

For me, I tend to play it safe and prepare for the worst. I always make sure that I have a water proof jacket with me incase it rains because I’d hate to get caught out. With that in mind I thought I’d share with you one of my latest pick ups what I would typically wear if I’m heading out for the weekend in uncertain weather.

I recently purchased The North Face Black Label Mountain Quest Jacket in ‘mountain moss’  as I was looking for a ‘Spring’ type of jacket – modern, waterproof and lightweight. Before today I hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it so thought today would be the perfect day to finally test it out.

Much like The North Face’s Japanese-inspired Purple Label, the Black Label aims to draw inspiration from the brands 48 years of outdoor heritage and most popular styles and adapt it to todays modern market and in particular the European Market.

Along with the coat I also purchased the Fine T-shirt in white to wear when the weather warms up a bit, but you can also expect to see various other shirting and lightweight jacket options, along side more tailored shirts and shorts in a number of neutral shades.

Today, I combined the jacket with my favourite day to day Nudie Jeans, a Comme Des Garçons Gold Heart tee and a trusty pair of Nike Air Max 1s for a simple ‘day’ look. And just incase you are wondering it has been sunny, snowing, raining and hailing so far!

How do you prepare for the wet weather?

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