Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 vs Ultra Boost OG Review.

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Adidas recently released it’s latest drop of the Ultra Boost. Available in four different tonal colours – black, white, red and blue, like previous releases all eyes were on the ‘Core black’ and ‘Triple White’ colour ways. (I might have bought the black, white and blue pairs).

Last year I purchase the original ‘Core Black’ Ultra Boosts from Size?. The next thing you know Kanye West is spotted wearing an all white version and the Ultra Boost becomes sold out world wide. Since first purchasing, the Ultra Boost has become one of my favourite pairs and having had moderate wear  over the past year I decided to get another pair for when they finally bite the dust.

With both the original and the so called 2.0’s pairs of the ‘Core Black’ Ultra Boost,  I thought it would be useful to compare what the real differences are between the two. So here it goes…

Firstly, both shoes come in the infamous yellow and purple boost box, the new model replacing the black branded tissue paper with standard white paper instead.

With the shoe itself, the silhouette and fit is exactly the same. Some times with an updated model the shape can slightly become distorted but these are identical, something which I am really thankful for. The only change  I can see/feel would be to the insole, which I believe is slightly more cushioned now and it can also now be removed, but I actually quite like this.

The look of the shoe is overall very similar featuring a black upper on a white boost midsole. It’s only when you start to look in more detail you start to notice the differences.

The first thing I noticed was the slight blue tint on the toe box design, which separates the black and grey. The toe box design now features an all over knit design, where as the original Ultra Boost is more segmented and features a black toe guard. The material to the ankle area is also completely knitted now too instead of the smooth synthetic material which makes me wonder how quickly they will wear when worn with a pair of jeans.

In terms of the shoes branding the Ultra Boost logo is now all silver instead of half black and half silver and the logo to the tongue has changed colour from grey to white, not major changes, but difference all the same.

Overall, the 2.o Ultra Boost is still a great shoe, but the slightly more premium look and feel to the Originals still gets my vote.

What do you think to the updated design of the Ultra Boosts? Have you noticed any other differences?

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2 thoughts on “Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 vs Ultra Boost OG Review.

  1. I really want a pair of them! However, I’ve got too many shoes already hahahha tbh I’ll probably buy them anyway, but not now

    Zoel Hernández |

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