Before we moved into the house, we had a clear vision of what we wanted it to look like. One thing we wanted more than anything was for the rooms to flow really well and compliment each other and have a similar colour scheme throughout.

As the house is south facing, the living room often feels dark; the sun and best light is on the back of the house so to completely brighten it up we decided to paint the whole room white. If you have ever bought an old property you will know that they come with there fair share of problems. Before we moved into the house we had to get some work done so some areas of the living room were freshly plastered and unfortunately the work wasn’t finished to the best standard, so had to be sorted before we could even start. The rest of the walls were painted in a standard cream/magnolia with the focal point being some reflective blue wall paper which was… lovely! (You can see a ‘before’ picture down below)  Painting the walls was a huge effort – not to mention it was the first time I had decorated a room, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out. By no means is it perfect but I’m ok with that. The ceiling also still needs to be painted but I’m not in a rush to do it just yet.

The white walls really helps to reflect the light around the room and the grey chimney wall breaks up the white and adds a focal point to the room. I really don’t like the fireplace but its something we are going to have to work with until we can replace it. The dream would to have a black ornate one that would fit with the property a lot better. It will do for now and is the perfect place to put some candles and bits and pieces.

In terms of furniture there isn’t much in here at the moment. The tv stand and shelf are from Ikea in a white gloss as we thought this would also be good to reflect light around the room. The main focus of the room is this big sofa from Sofology. Although it only has two cushions the sofa is a 4-seater with a chaise lounge so is a good size for when we have guests too. We have a black and brass floor lamp from and we also have a couple of side tables on the way from the same place which we ordered in January but they haven’t even been dispatched yet.

For what we have achieved in 2 months, I’m really happy with the result. There’s still some things to do – mirror above the fire, picture wall and to add some more greenery but at least it’s starting to feel like home now. If you want any more details about anything you see let me know in the comments! I hope to do some more interior posts in the future, is that something you would be interested in seeing?


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