Hand Luggage Only

When going away on a city break, travelling with just hand luggage can save time and money. Not only does having no hold luggage help keep your costs to a minimum, there's no need to check in baggage or wait for it on the other side either, taking out some of the stress which is [...]


In-Flight Grooming tips

Traveling can be long and stressful. Not just physically, flying can be a huge stress on our skin. Whilst many people shy away from grooming on long haul flights, there are a number of ways in which we can prepare ourselves in order to step off the plane feeling like an international jetsetter. There are a [...]

Aésop Sun Care Review

With summer well underway, Aésop are back with two new products for all those sun worshippers out there. During the hotter months, our skin can really suffer if we don't take the correct precautions to protect ourselves whilst we enjoy the sun. The recently released Protective Body Lotion is Aésop's first SPF50 lotion designed to [...]

Top 10 Travel Planning Tips

I can't believe it's been over a year since my New York trip already. Looking back at my post I realised the lack of travel-related posts recently, despite travel being a passion of mine. Although at present I only have one trip in the pipeline; Thailand at the end of Summer, it doesn't mean that in the meantime [...]

Hand Luggage: What to Pack?

Firstly, I hate packing. I would happily pay someone to do it for me to avoid the stress of remembering everything and then trying to get it to fit the case (any offers?). With hand luggage, you need to make sure everything you may need during the time between destinations is at hand. Therefore I try [...]