If you follow me over on Twitter you may have noticed that after a few months of trying, we finally bought a house last week! Whilst we aren’t expecting to get into the property for a while yet, that doesn’t stop me from planning what our future house is going to look like. I have always loved interior design so I’m really looking forward to styling our place. I have collected so much homeware over the past couple of years and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. When it comes to homewares, H&M is one of my favourite destinations. I always find myself checking the ‘new arrivals’ section every couple of days to see if anything has been added! Let me know what you think about my latest delivery in the comments!

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 16.48.25

01. Patterned duvet cover 02. Mahogany concrete candle 03. Metal candlestick 04. Metal wire basket 05. Christmas decorations

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 17.00.18

06.  Jacquard-weave bath mat 07. Velvet cushion cover 08. Storage basket 09. Velvet cushion cover 10. Wooden chopping board

I’m really excited to move in and hope I can share the journey on here through my posts; I hope to add a lot more home content when I can.

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Creating a Work Space


When it comes to all things work related it’s easy to become distracted. If you’re anything like me, then there’s aways something better to be doing than sat at a desk. For me, one of the biggest distractions is my surroundings.

Having a comfortable workspace is the number one thing in getting through my to-do list. A clutter free environment is key to keeping me motivated. Being surrounded by clutter not only makes me less productive but I also find it to be quite stressful.

When creating a work environment, the first thing to consider is the desk itself. I opted for  a see-through glass desk so it would just blend into the room rather than being a key feature. Being glass the light also reflects through it, keeping my area light and airy.

I’ve had numerous chairs over the past year, but finally settled on this Eames-inspired chair. I opted for a white base with chrome legs, and at £23.99, a bargain compared to what you would pay for a real Eames chair.

Once you have the basics, its time to add in the essentials; your computer and anything else you need regularly, such as books and notepads. This helps you work around the items you use everyday.

Next up is styling your desk. For me I like a minimal/industrial style involving neutral colours, strong lines and as little clutter as possible. I like to keep things organised and looking as streamline as possible so I have the Memo-Board from Block as a key feature. This way I can clip anything too it I need to do and it’s in front of me then. Adding some storage such as baskets and trays can also help to keep things organised. For these items H&M home should be your first stop as they have such a great selection which is continuously updating.

I keep a basket full of items which I’m currently testing or reviewing on my desk, as an almost to-do list which keeps me motivated, such as the Bulldog Skincare I was recently testing c/o Mankind.


Next it’s time to add some personality into your space, adding prints, lighting and decorative accessories will help make the space more personal and fun. The Wire Cage Pendant Light was another eBay purchase. Although originally designed to be suspended from the ceiling, a quick change of plug fitting and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I added a filament light bulb, also from eBay to complete the look. Finally, a couple of my favourite magazines for inspiration and a hint of greenery and my space is completed.


Shop: Kinfolk Magazine ‘The Travel Issue’ | White Wire Mesh Memo-Board | Black Wire Bulldog Clips | Bulldog Skincare c/o Mankind (view Post)| Industrial Wire Cage Pendant Light | Filament Bulb – Ebay | H&M Wire Basket (similar) | Glass Desk (similar)

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