With the end of August, we also say goodbye to summer and welcome in the autumn months - This year is really flying by! I know I'm being quite optimistic with my selection of favourites this month but I'm not ready to leave summer behind just yet. I'm hoping we can still wear shorts for another [...]



To coincide with Pride celebrations this weekend, my latest pick up comes in the form of this new pair of adidas Ultra Boost. Much like Nike's 'Be True' collection, the 'Pride pack' from adidas celebrates Pride month with four models featuring the colors of the Pride rainbow flag. Staying true to previous releases, the “Pride/LGBTQ Ultra Boost [...]



With summer rapidly approaching its finally time to unbox those shoes you've had stored away since the end of last summer - the warmer, dryer weather means you no longer need to worry about the wet weather ruining you're favourite footwear. If you've been thinking about investing in a new pair for the summer, now is [...]

Ultimate Wishlist

If you are anything like me then I'm sure you have been counting down to payday for the last week or two as well. Although I'm pretty good with money, by the time payday arrives, I already have my budget planned for the month ahead and know how much I have left to play with [...]

New in… Common Projects

2017 is all about building a wardrobe of staples. Rather then trying to keep up with the latest trends and must haves, I know if I carefully select a handful of good quality and timeless pieces it will put me in a good position for years to come. Over the last couple of years I [...]