Steps to a Clear Complexion with Bulldog Skincare


If you’re lucky enough to have left your skin problems at school then this post isn’t for you.  However, If you are anything like me, your adult skin is still prone to the occasional break out. Whether it’s a small pimple due to blocked pores or ingrown hairs and shaving rash, there are ways to combat these blemishes and maintain clear, healthy skin.

Since launching in 2007, Bulldog Skincare For Men has become the fastest growing major men’s skincare business in the UK. So what makes them stand out from similar brands?

Firstly, Bulldog Skincare For Men is made in the UK. The brands founder Simon Duffy, noticed that there were no straight forward skincare options for men who wanted there products to be made with natural ingredients. So, packed full with natural goodness and essential oils, the range is free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, artificial colours, or synthetic fragrances because lets face it the more chemicals you put on your face, the more likely you are to have a reaction to them.

Bulldog Skincare for Men is also the first men’s grooming range to be cruelty free. Recognised by Cruelty Free International, none of the products in the range contain any ingredients derived from animal sources and are not tested on animals either which can only be a good thing.

In partnership with those lovely people over at Mankind and Bulldog Skincare For Men I am here to sample the range and share with you their recommended steps to a clearer complexion.

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The range itself contains a full line up of everyday essentials from face wash to an eye roll on to cover all your needs. However if you’re looking for a straight forward no fuss routine, Bulldog offers the ultimate three step regime to achieve clear, healthy skin.

Step 1: The Wash

The Bulldog’s Original Face Wash is ideal for everyday use. The gentle formula is non drying and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated (It may have something to do with the 8 essential oils it contains) as well as free of dirt and debris.

Step 2: The Scrub

For those days when you feel your skin needs that deeper clean the Bulldog’s Original Face Scrub will do just the trick. Containing olive seed and oat kernel to gentle exfoliate the skin, the formula is is neither to soft or too abrasive and will rid all of those dead skin cells which can build up and clog pores overtime. Not only will it help open your pores it is also ideal to use as part of your pre-shave prep to lift stubble prior to shaving while shea butter maintains skin moisture. I tend to use this twice a week, usually on a Monday and Friday in preparation for the week/weekend ahead and have found it to considerably make my skin feel cleaner and brighter.

Step 3: The Moisturiser

To finish off your 3 step routine, it’s important to trap in as much moisture as possible to  rehydrate your skin post cleansing. The Original Moisturiser from Bulldog contains all those essential oils needed to restore your skins natural balance as well as green tea and vitamin E to sooth and protect. Fast drying and non greasy, the formula will leave you feeling ready fro take on the day ahead of you.

Step 4: The Extras

As I mentioned before, the Bulldog Skincare For Men range covers a wide range of needs for just about every skin type. So once you’ve nailed the essential steps to a clearer complexion, you can start introducing new products into the mix such as Bulldog’s hand creamlip balm and eye roll on to better your grooming routine/self.


Natural, ethical and affordable, the results will speak for themselves. What more could you want from a skincare brand? Shop Bulldog Skincare For Men and make sure to visit the Mankind Blog to find out more.

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How to get a Smooth Shave with King of Shaves


King of Shaves - for a better shaveIf you’re anything like me, you find shaving to be a chore. Not only does it mean getting up 10 minutes earlier, but your skin can be left feeling itchy, irritated and sore. However, King Of Shaves are here to let you know that with a little time and effort, your shaving routine should be an enjoyable experience with great results every time.

I have partnered with King of Shaves to share with you these five simple shaving tips to achieve a smoother, closer, more comfortable shave with less irritation.
1: Wash. Give your stubble a good wash and soak. Wet stubble is so much easier to cut, which means less tug and pull, less irritation and more comfort. Shaving in the shower is perfect and can save time too. Tip: Did you know you can use King Of Shaves Shave Gels as a pre-shave face wash or beard shampoo too?

2: Massage In. Work your shave gel, oil or serum thoroughly into your beard, to ensure even coverage and to lift the stubble away from the skin. If you suffer with irritation or shaving rash, use a product that is designed specifically for sensitive skin, such as the Advanced Shave Serem, for the extra bit of care – and pay particular attention to those areas whilst working the product into your beard. Creating a thin film-like barrier between your skin and the blade with your chosen products will help ensure a smooth shave with reduced irritation. 


3: Shave. Whatever your razor of choice, making sure it is clean and sharp are essential. Remember it’s not a race, take it slow and steady. By rinsing the razor frequently you will prevent it clogging and will ensure you get the most bristles in a single pass. For heavy stubble or several days’ growth focus on short strokes and thorough rinsing. Shaving with the grain, in the direction hair grows, will also reduce the tug and pull and lessen the chance of irritation. Tip: Use your finger tips to feel for any missed bristles before you finish and rinse.

4: Rinse. After you’ve dealt with those final few bristles, rinsing well with cooler water will help remove any leftover residue from your shave prep and remove any shaving debris  from your skin. It will also help close up the skin’s pores, leaving your skin naturally better protected.


5: Moisturise. In time, your skin will restore it’s natural moisture balance. However applying a post shave balm or  moisturiser straight after shaving will help trap in moisture and speed up the recovery process. The Ultimate Moisturiser is fast acting and will leave your skin feeling super hydrated!


What ever your shaving needs are, King of Shaves have your back. For more detailed shaving advice as well as FAQs and tips on the entire King of Shaves range, visit the FAQ page. 

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Skincare? Just the Tonic


For those who haven’t heard of Gentlemen’s Tonic before, the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men. Founded in Mayfair, the brand combines the old and new; a traditional barbershop experience for the modern man.

Having recently received a selection of Gentlemen’s Tonic products from the guys over at Mankind, I was more than happy to test some of their offerings.


In order to maintain healthy skin, it’s important to adapt your skin-care routine to the changing seasons. With winter in full swing it’s important to protect your skin from the elements. When it comes to cleansers, choosing the right one for your skin is a must, especially if you have dry skin, the last thing you want is dry skin in the winter.

The Daily Foaming Cleanser (150ml) £16* from Gentlemen’s Tonic is a gentle foaming cleanser, mild enough for everyday use and won’t end up drying out your skin. As I have quite dry skin I tend to skip the cleansing part during the colder months, however I have been using this for the past week and haven’t found it to be drying at all. The natural foaming solution contains no harmful chemicals and is effective at washing off the days dirt and grime whilst leaving it feeling fresh. At 150ml this is a great investment and should see you through the winter.


Another product ideal for protecting your skin is the Gentlemen’s Tonic Pre Shave Oil (50ml) £19*. Designed to be used before shaving, the oil helps to moisturise and protect the skin by softening the hair pre shave. Used beneath a shaving cream you are able to achieve a close and comfortable shave, all while staying moisturised. The jojoba and avocado oils prevent dryness and dehydration of the skin, while the anti-oxidating black sesame oil prevents razor burn and general irritation to the shave area.

While I don’t wet-shave, I have used this product on the neck area where I tidy up my stubble. I don’t usually get irritation to the area, however the Pre Shave Oil has left my skin feeling clean, moisturised and smooth, so no complaints there. Because the product contains babassu oil it leaves the skin feeling cool with no irritation, so I would definitely recommend this product to someone who suffers with shaving irritation or razor burn.


Finally, developed from their core fragrance of babassu and bergamot, Honos -Eau de Toilette (100ml) £69*, is the perfect option to finish off your routine. Combining scents of sandalwood, bergamot, frankincense and cinnamon, Honos is a masculine smelling fragrance, with that traditional barbershop vibe to it. Although I tend to wear a more fresh scent, this is a great alternative when I want to mix it up a bit. It’s not overpowering and lasts through out the day which is what you want in a fragrance.

Taking it’s name from the Roman term meaning ‘respectable’ and ‘dignified, Honos is the perfect fragrance for the modern gentleman.

The Gentlemen’s Tonic range is available now and at time of posting is currently on 3 for 2 at Mankind.

Have you tried any of the range before? What are your thoughts?

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